How You Can Help

We often get questions from the public asking how they can help us along in our mission, here are a few things you can do:

Donate your time

Please see our Becoming an Instructor page to see if you have the necessary qualifications to become an instructor.

Don’t have the necessary qualifications? Join one of our student committees! Committees work behind the scenes in our organization to run events, raise money, and recruit volunteers. For more information on committee membership, please visit Becoming a Committee Member.

Private Donations

We’re always looking for financial assistance, which allows us to accept more children and to broaden the scope of our programs. Thanks to donations from several private sources, we have developed some exciting new initiatives!

Click here to make a donation. Donation amounts are flexible and we can provide recognition for your donation by naming a lesson in your honor.

Don’t forget – SwimAbility is a CRA registered charity.

Corporate Donations/Sponsorship

Please visit our sponsorship opportunities page for more information. We also gladly accept in-kind sponsorship.

Word of mouth

SwimAbility has a very low advertising budget, and, as such, our success in your community depends upon your recommendation. By speaking to your friends, colleagues, and families about SwimAbility you are ensuring our continued success.