Swimmer Spotlight: Ned

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What is your favorite part about Making Waves?
I have enjoyed learning to swim and love being in the water

What is something new you’ve learnt during lessons?
Floating is a new skill for me this session

What is something you want to improve on in the future?
Actually swimming

What area of the pool is your favourite to swim in and why?
I love to be in the shallow end, and move back and forth along the rope

What is your favorite thing to do with your instructor in class?
I love to pour water on my instructor’s head

How long have you been with Making Waves?
January of 2014

From the parent(s):

What do you like about how the program fits your child’s needs?
I like the wide variety of children with different abilities, and the instructors are fantastic!

Has Ned overcome any fears this session?
When he first came to Making Waves he was clingy to his instructor, now he loves it and can’t wait to go in the water every week!